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I first felt the passion to teach art and crafts while in my studio gallery in Cambria Calif.  I started teaching workshops in what ever media I was working in or learning at the time and realized how rewarding and fulfilling it was to pass on the knowledge. To see each person grow from being unsure in their ability to a confident student and create their own project was such a joy. I knew then I wanted to teach workshops fulltime.   

Brandy is not only my daughter but a talented artist and gifted person  naturally. She has created great art since the time  she could hold a paintbrush surpassing my skill with ease. We each bring a unique style and skill set which compliment  each other and made for a obvious partnership for our business. Together we are the Workshop Mamas


"This was such a fun workshop, really enjoyed the instruction and project choice"


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1 805 286 8380


1 805 286 8380

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