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Driftwood peace sign or wreath

$150.00 Two days

Driftwood projects are allot of fun, in this two day workshop we will meet on the beach and search for just the right driftwood for your project. Day one is gathering, cleaning your wood and lunch picnic style with the group.

Day two is assembly of project along with instruction on how to maintain it.   Please provide your own sunscreen and water, and wear beach safe clothing and shoes.

Mannequin Madness

$195.00.00 Two days

This two day workshop will teach you to make beautiful paper mosaic tiles from recycled paper as well as how to take your projects to a new and exciting level. If you have already taken the beginning class this will be just for you. Both days are required.
Day one; creating paper tiles and tile sheets.
Day two; Making the mannequins come alive.

Garden Totoms

$125.00 Two Days

This two day workshop is a great way to add a little color to the yard. Paint, embellish and get creative with these. Day one is prepping, masking, painting first layer.  Day two is second coat, finishing of your design and top coating.


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