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Mandala art

Guaranteed Success

Mandalas are the symbol of life, balance and harmony. This three hour workshop is more in depth than the dot mandalas but still easy to follow even for the novice artist. We will explore many shapes and styles so you will have the confidence needed to create like a pro. $50.00 All materials incl.

painting with glue

Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

This is a great way to create 3D art. With some basic tools and imagination you can create unique art that everyone will love. Runs about three hours with drying time, but worth the wait. $75.00 all materials incl. Class is limited

glue dragonfly.JPG

Dream Catchers

Personalized Attention

Dreamcatchers originated with Native Americans with a purpose to ward off evil spirits while you rested. Although we cant make any promises about that, we can tell you will have fun creating yours. Weather its with lace, feathers or BoHO style, we've got you covered. 
small 9"-$ 45.00, Large 16"- $55.00
Wine ring $99.00

Walking Buddies

Driftwood walking sticks

Walking sticks tell the story of the journey you've been on. Hike, camp and walk everywhere with your walking stick and add to it as you go. Whether it's paint, feathers, beads, leather or found objects we'll get you started. $45.00 materials provided

walking stick.JPG
scribble blue_edited.jpg

Dots and Drizzles

Fun and inspirational

This fun and easy to follow project is sure to be a hit. Create a one of a kind masterpiece, all materials included at $65.00

Landscaping with dots

Exceeding Expectations

With simple tools and some imagination you can create fun interesting landscapes. What are you waiting for?

dotting tree.JPG